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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: USA! USA! USA!

me 24/7 right now tbh

Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

I am in FULL Olympics mode, you guys. I may or may not have spent three hours in a room at work yesterday watching gymnastics and diving (while working, I SWEAR).

And lucky us, the USWNT continue their Olympic tournament today. Check back later for our preview, info on how to watch, and a discussion gamethread for the match against Colombia.

In the meantime, here are some other links to keep you going:

USA vs Colombia, 2016 Olympics match preview: comfortable on top of Group G - Stars and Stripes FC
One preview already available for your reading pleasure. This one focuses on the need/opportunity for squad rotation—might we even maybe, possibly see Megan Rapinoe?

Nigerian soccer team stars in Rio after travel problems |
Meanwhile in the men's tournament, here's a team to root for.

Moving past adversity, Charlie Davies ready for 'next step' with Philadelphia Union -
TFloyd checks in with Charlie Davies.

Your guide to true fantasy football | Unusual Efforts
Weasley is Our King tbh.

Investors banking on fast-growing futsal to take off in United States | FourFourTwo
"America's next big sport"

Michael Phelps helps U.S. to Olympic gold in 4x100 relay |
I mean you probably haven't heard/read/seen enough about Michael Phelps, so here is more.


That's all from me this morning. What else is up?