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D.C. United vs. Philadelphia GIFs

We look back at a wild night in animated internet file form.

Goodness knows we will get, or have already gotten into, why D.C. United’s 2-2 draw with the Philadelphia Union, while exciting short-term, is a little damaging over the longer timeline. But this game had pieces of everything. Old friends, coming home to haunt RFK, other ones who may be out the door soon, attempting to salvage what is left of the season.

So let’s dive in and look at some moments we liked, starting with Taylor Kemp’s goal. Or more like Tayloroberto Kemparlos, amirite?

Next is a run, a few minutes later, involving Bobby Boswell, Patrick Mullins, floating a cross in to Luciano Acosta. Let these names, in this counter, sick in for a minute:

Next was a chance from Nick DeLeon to Mullins that I thought was curious in shot selection, then I saw that it came back towards him a little and thus, went over the bar:

Nick DeLeon, Patrick Mullins

Next are a couple of moments with Bill Hamid. This one? Not too good. Look, Tranquillo Barnetta struck this sublimely, but Bill cheated much too far on his left for this:

This was is the good Hamid moment, showing fine anticipation on C.J. Sapong:

Circling back to the goal from Chris Pontius, this is not a great sequence for Acosta. He first turns the ball over deep in his own end, protests and thus his teammates have to come up, thus freeing Pontius. Moments later after the goal, he came in late on a tackle on Barnetta, definitely still hot, earning a yellow. Oh, to be young again:

Lastly, the Steve Birnbaum goal, because you need a happy thing in life. The bad Richie Marquez clearance helped:

So what did you like?