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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Are you done talking about the USWNT yet?

Neither are we.

Eric Seals-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Freedom Kicks are basically all about the Olympics or the USWNT. Naturally, I assume you have not heard enough on these topics lately. You're welcome!

Duke’s Jeremy Ebobisse signs with MLS | The Washington Post
And you can see him in...2017.

Jeremy Ebobisse is caught between college soccer and MLS | The 91st Minute
Yeah, this is weird.

4 questions for the USWNT after their Olympics failure | FOX Sports

(I'm jk you guys, I just love this gif.)

What happened: USA’s Olympic quarterfinal loss to Sweden not down to a single culprit - Stars and Stripes FC
Instead, you can blame LOTS of people/things!

#DogsForChristen is everything good about sports fandom - Stars and Stripes FC
Yes to all of this.

Preserving the intangible: How does USWNT maintain its mental edge after Rio? | FourFourTwo
I promise this is the last USWNT article.

Brazil soccer facing pivotal week in Rio Olympics |
The title of this article is strangely vague—it's really about how Brazil's women's team should be able to achieve success and popularity without being perceived as somehow in competition with the men's team. It doesn't have to be Neymar vs. Marta, people. Get you a country that can love both.

We Sat with Iranian Protestor as She Fought to Display Her Banner at the Olympics | VICE Sports
This other story is from a week ago, but relevant. You guys, I cannot imagine being unable to attend sporting events. We still have so far to go in this world; that cannot be overstated.

NBC's coverage of the Olympics is atrocious. There's a simple reason why. - Vox
There is a lot to unpack here, but some things in particular: 1) "women are watching, so we need narrative because they don't care about actual sports" BRUH R U SRS. (These aren't new comments, I'm just always angry about them.) 2) The Today show crew announcing the opening ceremony is so painful and dumb. They add nothing good.

That's it from me. Feel free to share your Olympics and/or USWNT hot takes in the comments!