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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Freedom with a side of more freedom

Oops, managed to slip a Miro Klose mention into this one.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Hope everyone had a lovely Independence Day! In honor of the holiday, I'm keeping today's Freedom Kicks ~extra free~ and will let you guys mostly take the reins on sharing what's up with soccer at the moment.

(Or maybe I'm just lazy today. WHO CAN SAY.)

Armchair Analyst: Transfer window instructions for all 20 MLS teams |
Spoiler alert: D.C. United need a target forward.

Iceland: Reykjavik scene celebratory despite Euro 2016 ouster
I had to miss the France v. Iceland game unfortunately, and while I would've liked to see Iceland go through, I also would've been slightly, just a little, the tiniest bit sad to root against them in the semifinal. (Because, Germany.)

Injured Mario Gomez leaves Germany with serious tactical issues | FOX Sports

Suspending players like Aaron Ramsey for yellow cards is cruel punishment - ESPN FC
This article actually mostly amounts to, "Well, it's not a perfect system, but then there is no perfect system, so we'll just have to deal with this one for now." Which, yeah, is true. But what would you guys prefer the rules be for tournaments like this (or are you fine with things as they are)?

PHOTOS: Bayern Munich light Allianz Arena as American flag for July 4th – ProSoccerTalk
Not a lot to say here except hey, that's cool. So hey, that's cool!

ASN article: Young Yanks Sweep Past NTC Opponents, Lift Trophy

Your turn—hit the comments with what's on your radar today.