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D.C. United vs. Toronto GIFs

We look at some moments from an otherwise forgettable night.

D.C. United was facing a slightly nervy Toronto FC squad whose offensive star (and defending MLS MVP) hadn't scored in eight games. So what happened? Well, he scored as many goals in 90 minutes as D.C.'s leading scorer has on the season, as TFC strolled over the Black-and-Red

So let's start looking at some GIFs, starting with TFC's goal. Sebastian Giovinco's free kick was exquisitely struck, but Travis Worra was definitely caught between two minds on both goals, this was just a better example of it:

And hey, here's Jared Jeffrey's goal! It's why you keep running to goal when you have a chance. Considering Jeffrey's fouling of Giovinco just outside the box that led to the free kicks for TFC, it was only fair he tried to even things out a little bit:

The other TFC goal I wanted to look at was Marco Delgado's, because the buildup to it was good and the dummy (that Giovinco read nicely) hung both DC center backs out to dry:

Next was a nice pass from Luciano Acosta to Lloyd Sam. More on Acosta in the days to follow, but this was a rare moment of insight in a first half where he lacked during most of it but eventually came into the game:

Next is a sequence just before the end of the first half between Sam and Alvaro Saborio. Saborio almost loses the ball when he finds it after the duel Sam has, then decides to fire it from 25 yards out, using his left foot in the process. This is why D.C. needs a target forward whose agility can't be timed with a sundial. Fire Sabo into the sun:

Next is a bit of levity. With the game in hand, there was a nice moment of interchange involving Nick DeLeon. DeLeon was a little too fast for his own good and, in the process, did a fairly decent impression of Daniel Woolard in 2013:

So, what moments stood out for you?