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Alhaji Kamara, Eddie Johnson, and DeAndre Yedlin: Freedom Kicks for 19 May 2016

Soccer, go!

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So, come closer. I'm hearing a rumor, and I only want you to hear it. You know that mythical object, the "sun"? I've heard we might see it today, so let's have a great one. Let's soccer.

European doctors wouldn’t let him play soccer anymore. U.S. specialists had a different opinion. - The Washington Post: Steve Goff goes in depth with all of the details of Alhaji Kamara.

Union’s Pontius should have ‘something extra’ against D.C. United: Please don't hurt us, Party Boy.

Eddie Johnson gives raw, insightful interview - Sounder At Heart: Eddie Johnson gave an almost two hour interview, which you can watch here.

Former Sounders star Eddie Johnson says early retirement ‘hurts’ | The Seattle Times: The Seattle TImes pull out some quotes from Eddie Johnson's interview, including one about the end of his time with D.C. United.

Nashville awarded United Soccer League franchise: Is it a day of the week? Then USL is expanding.

After year of growth at Sunderland, Yedlin poised for big summer with U.S. - Will Jurgen use someone who actually locked down a Premier League starting spot at right back as a right back this summer?

Aston Villa takeover: Chinese businessman Dr Tony Xia agrees £60m deal - BBC Sport: Randy Lerner bought Villa for £62.6m, and had been trying to sell the club for over a year; that's what happens when you get relegated.

Seattle Sounders teaming up with corporate sponsor to create tifo display | This will be bad. No two ways around it. Though I'm surprised no one had thought to do this before.

That's all I have. What's up?