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2016 MLS Match Prediction Game - Week 10

There are a dozen games to predict this week, so don't miss any of them!

We have a triple winner of Week 9, with dccal, Steven Streff, and dhresko2 all scoring 23 points. Congratulations! As a prize, you each get to take home a talking Jesse Marsch doll. Pull the string in his back and you'll hear some of his most famous quotes following an embarrassing loss, such as "Trust in the system, guys, the system works," or "This is all on me tonight," or "At this point in the season, to not understand what big games are like, it's disappointing from us." Batteries are not included.

The past few weeks of the Match Prediction game have been pretty busy, and Week 10 is no exception. There are a dozen games, so try not to miss the Wednesday or Friday night games. Be a good sport and remind your friends.

Lastly, the Match Prediction Game is going on a one week hiatus after this weekend. I'll be travelling to some remote areas next week and it is highly unlikely I will have access to internet or a computer. The MPG will resume for Week 12, so treat Week 11 as a bye week. Rest your weary brains and enjoy the soccer.

Week 9 Scores:

  1. dccal 23
  2. Steven Streff 23
  3. dhresko2 23
  4. RunnerWM 22
  5. shazwar 21
  6. JaxDC 20
  7. DCUniverse 19
  8. DoWBrewer 19
  9. ChestRockwell 19
  10. DavidRusk 18
  11. stw121191 18
  12. dcsoccer7 17
  13. Croftonpost 17
  14. DCU_Exile 15
  15. Will Nelson 15
  16. DoddsDC 14
  17. Restonfan 14
  18. fischy 13
  19. Bawlmer Birds 10
  20. NotDavidRusk 10
  21. Adam M. Taylor 9
  22. cdinoke 7
  23. joemybro 2
  24. pyramidofdestiny 2

The Leaderboard:

  1. dccal 137
  2. DavidRusk 134
  3. dcsoccer7 128
  4. Croftonpost 118
  5. RunnerWM 116
  6. fischy 112
  7. Steven Streff 109
  8. DoddsDC 101
  9. stw121191 100
  10. Bawlmer Birds 100
  11. ChestRockwell 98
  12. DCUniverse 93
  13. Adam M. Taylor 91
  14. JaxDC 88
  15. DCU_Exile 87
  16. DoWBrewer 85
  17. Restonfan 85
  18. shazwar 82
  19. Will Nelson 71
  20. joemybro 70
  21. dhresko2 69
  22. NotDavidRusk 65
  23. cdinoke 64
  24. Hawth11 61
  25. pyramidofdestiny 56
  26. prsancho 41
  27. natelane23 28
  28. acltear 15

If a player's name is in italics, it is a warning that means they have been inactive for two consecutive weeks.If a player's name has been dropped from the Leaderboard, it is because that player has been inactive for three consecutive weeks. This does not mean that they are out of the game or disqualified. That player may re-join the Match Prediction Game at any time and retain the points they have already earned.

Week 10 Games:

Wednesday, May 17th

Toronto FC v. NYCFC

NYRB v. Chicago

Friday, May 19th

Philadelphia v. D.C. United

Saturday, May 20th


Chicago v. Houston

Toronto FC v. Columbus

New England v. FC Dallas

Orlando City v. Montreal*

Sporting KC v. Real Salt Lake

Seattle v. Colorado

Sunday, May 21st

Portland v. Vancouver

LA Galaxy v. San Jose

(Note: The home team is always listed first. A match marked with an asterisk (*) is worth double points. If you believe your score for Week 9 is inaccurate, please let me know in the comment section and I will address it as soon as I am able.)