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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: #FreeAcosta

*whispers* And free Buescher while you're at it.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Hello! Welcome to Tuesday! I'm your host, Leanne, and today we have some things about soccer. Let's see what those things are.

D.C. United owner talks Buzzard Point stadium - Black And Red United
I'm still not convinced they actually needed heavy machinery to take down that little shack, by the way. Would've preferred everyone present just charged it, yelling, "THIS IS OURS NOW."

D.C. United fears Fabian Espindola will miss 2-4 weeks with hamstring injury | The Washington Post
So lineup's about to change. What do you want to see?

For Equal Sway in Soccer, Fans Are Vital | The New York Times
"'A lot of people don't even know this league exists,' Sky Blue forward Natasha Kai said." Honestly, I kind of want to poll some people today to see if they know the NWSL is a thing. But I also kind of don't, because I think I know how it's gonna go.

Record Orlando Pride crowd, passion shows women's soccer in a league of its own - Orlando Sentinel
Well, speaking of fans—Orlando's got them. This is awesome.

Carli Lloyd dodges major scare, out at least three weeks with MCL sprain | FourFourTwo
Should be okay for the Olympics, thankfully. Speedy recovery, Carli.

ASN article: ASN Names 23 Names for Copa America Centenario
Please no Edgar Castillo. Please.

Expansion could backfire on MLS - LA Times
Honestly, nothing much new here—basically this article is saying "Going bigger could work out really well or totally fail! Guess we'll just have to see!" And with that ringing endorsement, I leave you to read it yourself.

That's all from me. What's up?