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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Leanne vs. Comcast

Lost the battle but will win the war.

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Hello, friends! This is going to be a brief Freedom Kicks today, because I opened my computer to find that Comcast is experiencing an outage in my area and I gots no internet. Personal hot spot it is!

But after dealing with Comcast on the phone, I've lost my will to do much else. Honestly impressed that I ever managed to get the phone system to put me through to a person. That person was called Jefferson, and while I know he could do nothing, in that moment I hated him as much as Alexander Hamilton hated Thomas Jefferson.

Yeah, I found a way to tie this to Hamilton.

ASN article: Smash and Grab: Yanks Steal a Win from France
A 91st minute goal from Alex Morgan got the U.S. the 1-0 win. Their next game is this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN3 against Germany.

Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore will define success for both club and country | FC Yahoo - Yahoo Sports
Meanwhile, in USMNT world.

Armchair Analyst: A new Michael Bradley, Argentine greatness & more from Week 1 |
Opening weekend happened, here's some analysis about it. If you're wondering what he has to say about United's game, the answer is not much except yo, that Mike Magee guy, eh?

Amid Andrews trial, female sports reporters open up about safety |
This is not about soccer, but it is an important and eye-opening read.

Okay, I'm out. Go nuts in the comments. Tell me about your least favorite cable/internet company experience!