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I Love Crystal Dunn: D.C. United & Sundry Soccer Links for 4 March 2016

And I'm not ashamed to say it.

First of all, big congratulations to Davy Arnaud on a stellar career upon his retirement. We wish we had you longer, and we do. Thank you.

And congratulations to Crystal Dunn. Coach puts her on as a late sub in a 0-0 game versus England last night, and she scores a zinger 5 minutes later because that's what Crystal Dunn does. Crabcakes and football.

Oh my God. You can't let her have one step on you anywhere near the box. And she's at the Soccerplex all season.

And now your Friday Freedom Kicks.

After 14 MLS seasons, D.C. United's Davy Arnaud retires because of concussion - WaPo:  Goff has a great in-depth article on Davy Arnaud, his career, and the reasons for his retirement from play. Arnaud's news hit the wires at B&RUGoal.comDCU, and ESPNFC.

Marcelo Sarvas brings high expectations after offseason trade to D.C. United - Washington Times:  "Thus far, Sarvas has been asked to temper his attacking instincts with United." Let the caged bird sing, man.

D.C. United 2016 MLS season preview - WTOP:  To sum up, "fragile position" but with "new energy."

D.C. United acquires goalkeeper Charlie Horton -  Speaking of fragile position, we just picked up a U-23 star for GK.

DC United's Lamar Neagle eager to debut for "player's coach" Ben Olsen after missing CCL quarters |  Speaking of new energy, I totally forgot about Neagle.

Gyasi Zardes signs new multi-year contract with the LA Galaxy - LAG Confidential: I also forgot about Zardes after all of this off-season time. Ok, so this weekend's game is gonna be a tough one to pull off. Just warm up. No pressure. Wait, forget that. I'm going to adopt Crystal's mantra:

Liverpool news: Steven Gerrard claims he's better player since joining LA Galaxy | Metro News: Look who keeps giving MLS props.

Why MLS should just sell itself and not the American dream | Marina Hyde | Football | The Guardian: MLS might overtake Serie A in global popularity soon.

Roundtable: 2016 MLS predictions |  All your predictions are here. And for a more MLS East focused set of predictions, but from a West Coast paper, here.

LA Galaxy Ring of Honor to be unveiled Sunday during Home Opener | LA Galaxy:  Some stuff happening at the game Sunday.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is the tour schedule for Flight of the Concords, with all new material.  New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo will be at Wolf Trap on June 13.

Would somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees?

Commentariat, think about it. Think, think about it.