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D.C. United, Didier Drogba, and Concacaf Champions League: Freedom Kicks for 3 March 2016

Neither wind, nor snow, nor sleet, nor beach will prevent these links from getting to you

Hello all! I'm currently on a beach in an undisclosed location, coming back to Virginia on Friday as there will likely be snow falling on Richmond. But does that stop me from bringing you the soccer links you crave? Of course not!

Who's next: 10 exciting young players to watch in MLS this season | One Lucho Acosta is a part of this list.

D.C. United announce partnership with Arlington and Loudoun Soccer | D.C. United: D.C. United continue to expand their network of affiliated academies, in an attempt to gobble up all of the best talent from the DMV will giving everyone a chance to develop at their own speeds.

Club America vs. Seattle Sounders FC | MatchCenter: Despite D.C. United giving up two goals in Mexico, they at least didn't give up three.

Didier Drogba quitterait l'Impact pour quelques semaines et s'entraînerait à Miami durant ce temps | Uh, is Drogba really considering playing in the NASL for the first month because Montreal have games on turf? I would hope this is fake, because it is another ridiculous twist in the Drogba story if it is actually being considered.

Soccer | Crew: New deal for Kamara might pay him $1 million | The Columbus Dispatch: Good for Kei Kamara that his contract situation has been worked out, bad for the rest of us.

That's all I have as I lounge on a beach; what's up?