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Fantasy Focus: Parsing Wenger

Well this was unexpected.

The leader for round 2 was Liver Plate, who scored 88 points. Sebastian Giovinco (TOR, $11.8), who wore the armband and scored 26 points with a goal and an assist. David Villa (NYC, $11.1) scored two goals and 15 points, while Ignacio Piatti (MTL, $10.4) scored 14 points on a goal and an assist. #Gio'd holds a 1-point overall lead.

Positional Leaders


D.C. United alumnus Joe Willis (HOU, $4.6) and Evan Bush (MTL, $5.6) each notched a clean sheet and led the position with 9 points. Tied for third were Bobby Shuttleworth (NE, $5.6), and Travis Worra (DCU, $4.1), who scored 8 points each with clean sheets of their own.


David Horst (HOU, $7.7) led the position with 14 points with a goal and a clean sheet. Montreal teammates Donny Toia ($7.2) and Laurent Ciman ($8.7) each tallied a clean sheet, finishing out the top 3 with 11 and 10 points respectively. For United, Taylor Kemp ($7.6) led with 9 points, followed by the pair of Steve Birnbaum ($7.5) and Bobby Boswell ($8.1) with 7 points each, and Sean Franklin ($7.9) with 6 points.


Houston's Andrew Wenger ($7.3) added two assists to a goal scored for 16 points, leading the midfielders and all scorers. Ignacio Piatti's 14 points were matched by Chris Pontius (PHI, $7.1), who scored 2 goals. DCU's midfield was led by Marcelo Sarvas ($7.1) with 8 points; followed by Lamar Neagle ($7.5) with 4 points; the trio of Nick DeLeon ($6.5), Chris Rolfe ($8.9), and Rob Vincent ($6.0) with 3 points; and both Miguel Aguilar ($5.0) and Julian Büscher ($5.5) with 1 point.


David Villa's 15 points led all forwards. Dom Dwyer (SKC, $10.1) scored 2 goals and 14 points, scoring just one more point than Sebastian Giovinco's 13. D.C. featured Luciano Acosta ($8.8) with 2 points, and Alvaro Saborio ($7.5) with 1.

Looking Ahead

Everyone plays once this week, and games start on Friday night. I'm with Andre Blake (PHI, $5.0) in goal at home against New England, and Steve Birnbaum in defense at home against Colorado. If you don't have leading overall scorer Ignacio Piatti in your lineup, do that now with him at FC Dallas, and Joao Plata (RSL, $9.3) is a good idea at forward at Portland.