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Sans Hamid: D.C. United & Sundry Soccer Links for 11 March 2016

Life without Bill.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Do you know what we need?

We need to have a national conversation about Bill Hamid.

No. Wait.  We need a national conversation about Friday Freedom Kicks.

That's what we need. That's all we need.

D.C. United Trying to Figure Out How to Play Without Bill Hamid - WaPo: Psst. You and me. We know. We know that, to the extent that Bill Hamid was critical, it had something to do with the fact that DC's defense was, shall we say, porous. Dykstra has had his moments. He will have more. I remember declaring DC - once - the Dykstra of Columbia. Dykstra is capable of shining. Dykstra will find his zone. Don't you worry your pretty little head.

Five D.C. United home games to not miss in 2016 - WTOP:  All of them are worth seeing. But here is what our all-news-radio-station thinks you should not miss.

New England Revolution vs. DC United MLS Pick, Odds, Prediction - 3/12/16 - Sports Chat Place:  There is a game this weekend. In Foxborough.

Which MLS newcomer made the biggest impact in his 2016 debut - ESPN FC:  Gideon Baah. He's my pick for opening weekend's newest superstar.  Because Baah.

Kaká is MLS version of Peyton Manning - Orlando Sentinel:  All drugged up?  No?  For some other reason?  Okay.

Former NFL star Chad Ochocinco says he'd make Sporting Kansas City roster | What a wanker.

Edwards wants an MLS team for St. Pete, council chairwoman says | Tampa Bay Times: I want an MLS team for downtown Silver Spring. But I'm not a council chairwoman, so I guess it's slightly less likely to happen than a St. Pete team. But still.

Soccer fans get chance to score in Pele memorabilia auction - AOL: In June, if you have a gazillion bucks, you can buy some Pele schmegma.

U.S. women’s soccer team still competing on uneven playing field | Miami Herald: Check out these snapshots of the field. F.U., U.S. Soccer. F.U.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is Seven Obscure Museums Across America You Won't Want to Miss, one of which is in Old Town Alexandria.

Commentariat, obscurantists!