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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: One post. Many links.

In our traditional colors of black and red.

Heyo, it's a D.C. United game day again! And this time it's at home! Man, I could get used to this.

Before I see you fools tonight at RFK, let's catch up on some other soccer things.

D.C. United acquires rights to (and signs) U.S. U-23 goalkeeper Charlie Horton - Black And Red United
ICYMI: Some future competition for Andrew Dykstra?

D.C. United's Nick DeLeon ready to embrace moving to center midfield - Washington Times
What if I'm not ready to embrace that move?

Phones, cash stolen from D.C. United locker room in Queretaro -
So all in all not the best trip to Mexico, then.

U.S. Soccer's Rebranding Gets an Assist From Virtual Reality | The New York Times
You know what I think of when I hear "virtual reality"? I think of how every other television show does a virtual reality episode, and how those episodes are always the worst ones.

Here's more from U.S. Soccer on the video. I mean, it's cool and all—and most importantly, you can hear our own Donald in it!—but it's a lot of hoopla for what to me is ultimately a pretty underwhelming crest. It's not bad at all, and a major improvement over the old one, but it peaks for me at serviceable. It's a decent crest, and it gets the job done. But that's kind of it. Just my opinion, though—share yours in the comments, of course.

Copa America 2016: Match times announced - Stars and Stripes FC
Start planning now, people.

Did FIFA election results boost U.S.'s 2026 World Cup prospects? | The Washington Post
Meanwhile, 2022 still gonna be in Qatar, grumble grumble grumble.

For better or worse, the USSF and Gianni Infantino are forever tethered | The 91st Minute
Re: Our new FIFA president.

Trust the Process: U-20 World Cup hero Veljko Paunovic strives to return Chicago Fire to prominence |
Good profile on the new Fire coach.

Comment time. Whaddup?