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D.C. United to issue replacements for fans that purchase 2016 home jerseys

An FYI for prospective buyers going to tomorrow's event.

With the recent news that the D.C. United home jersey which is being unveiled for sale at tomorrow's Season Ticket Member event has a neck tape that mistakenly reads 'Without Representation Taxation' - as opposed to 'Taxation Without Representation', the team has announced a replacement program of sorts with the corrected tape.

From the email that was sent to Season Ticket Members this afternoon:

D.C. United are working closely with our distributor to correct the issue for all future shipments, and will offer corrected jerseys, which are scheduled to arrive in July, for all customers who purchase an affected jersey (customization not included). 

Fans who purchase an affected jersey will be able to submit a claim for a replacement jersey and will be notified by email with instructions on when and how the corrected jerseys can be redeemed. We will send out additional redemption information, including the link to the claim form, next week.

Fans may choose to keep both the affected jersey and replacement jersey (customization for the replacement jersey will need to be purchased). Fans can also choose to donate the affected jersey to the team store in exchange for free customization on the replacement jersey (a $15 value). All donated jerseys will be given to the students at DC Scores, our partnered non profit organization that brings soccer, arts and community service to underprivileged youth in the District.

It's a nice thing to do for those who purchase the jersey (and the least they could do, quite frankly), so you can either get essentially a buy one get one offer, with the get one coming in July, or you can donate the buy one to a worthwhile cause when the get one comes in.