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USWNT lawsuit, Stu Holden retirement, and Sal Zizzo on TLC: Freedom Kicks for 4 February 2016

Soccer, go!

Jersey release! Less than a month until real games! The season is getting so close, and I love it. Here are you links for today.

Understanding the USSF/USWNT CBA lawsuit - Stars and Stripes FC: The biggest news from yesterday is that US Soccer is suing the USWNT players' union in an attempt to prevent any labor strife before the Olympics.

U.S. Soccer Sues Women’s National Team in Federal Court - The New York Times: The New York Times broke the story, and also includes some context as to why the labor strife is happening.

LA Galaxy acquire midfielder Nigel de Jong | LA Galaxy: The Galaxy are a fitting destination for de Jong, having previously employed the scissor tackle artist known as David Beckham.

Canadian Premier League closing in on becoming a reality - Waking The Red: This is bad news for the NASL, as at least one and possibly both of their Canadian teams are likely to jump ship to this new league.

In His Own Words: Stuart Holden Bids the Field Farewell - U.S. Soccer: Stu Holden has finally retired, joining the list of the biggest "what-ifs" in US Soccer history.

New D.C. United jersey leaks, but there's a problem - Black And Red United: Sure, there's a minor problem with the jersey, but just think of it as getting a collectible (if they even sell any of the erroneous ones) before adidas scrambles to correct it's mistake.

DIF Fotboll | Alonzo Clarke provspelar med Djurgården - DIF Fotboll: Former D.C. United academy player on trial in Sweden.

New York Red Bulls' Sal Zizzo makes reality TV debut | Apparently Sal Zizzo is going to be on a TLC reality TV show about family and parenting.

That's all I've got. What's up?