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Prince Ali 2016: D.C. United & Sundry Soccer Links for 26 February 2016

The Americans haven't supported a royal like this since GW rebuffed French revolutionaries. Or maybe that whole Shah thing in Iran.

Commentariat challenge!  Why is this game so beautiful?  Explain in a haiku in the comments!

I'll start:

Look at that ball float

It fly, it bounce, in the net

Game over, freak boy!

And now, here are your Friday Freedom Kicks.

As 2016 Season Nears, MLS Live Touts 60% Year-Over-Year Sub Growth - Sports Video:  This will be quite an opening day on March 6.

U.S. Soccer will vote for Prince Ali in the FIFA presidential election - I guess this is what we're reduced to, voting for some coddled son of a king. Yet, honestly, there's no one else to vote for.

ExtraTime Radio: Can MLS get over the hump in the CONCACAF Champions League? | 2016 MLS preview, Part 1 |  Maybe! I mean, yes. Maybe yes. On Tuesday at RFK.

Phoenix Soccer Club Helps Refugees On And Off The Field | KJZZ:  There are refugees in Phonex, and they are nice to them. Also, there is grass in Phoenix. Green grass! Really weird, huh.

This Weekend’s Soccer on TV | Soccer By Ives:  It's the last weekend before MLS opening day, so I figured you could use TV listings.  What else are you going to do this weekend? Don't be productive. Be evil. Smoke. Drink. Watch more than 50 percent of these games. Drag yourself to work on Monday. It's all good.

Death threats, racism and hangings - Dutch football is embarrassing itself | BeNeFoot:  Holland is a giant Dutch oven, apparently.

And your Friday Freedom Kick treat is the preview for the best binge-worthy show on Netflix right now:  Love.

Commentariat, haiku!