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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Competitive soccer!

Missed you, boo.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, it's a D.C. United game day! Like a real one! Goodbye, preseason, it was nice knowing you.

So, first things first. Let's look ahead to DCU's game against Querétaro tonight. Our own Jason's got a lineup prediction for our opponents, Goff has a preview, and MLS has a more general CCL preview that begins by reminding us of that time United lost 5-2 against Alajuelense last year, because we definitely needed to relive that.

Some other things for you all today:

MLS Season Preview: D.C. United eyes reinvigorated attack -
Shoutout to Conor Doyle being listed among our "notable losses." *stares longingly at brand new Doyle jersey*

Player Spotlight: Markus Halsti eyes bounce-back year in revamped D.C. United midfield -
I get all heart-eyes emoji when Halsti says things like this, re: DC: "You have a lot of differences when it comes to Scandinavia, but we love it — there is so much to do in D.C. We're happy to be here, and we'll see what the future brings."

U.S. draws tough group, Mexico in good shape for 2016 Copa América |
That tough group includes Colombia, Costa Rica, and Paraguay. Is it a Group of Death, as they say?

Statistically, why USA's group is clearly Copa America's Group of Death |
I guess it is if you look at things like rankings. But is it a Group of Death or just a Group of Relatively Tougher Opponents?

The U.S. Copa America draw is bad, but stick a pike in ‘Group of Death’ | The 91st Minute
Okay then.

Klinsmann sets U.S. sights on surviving Copa America Centenario group | FC Yahoo - Yahoo Sports
Aim high and all.

Klinsmann coy on Christian Pulisic United States prospects - ESPN FC
So basically maybe Jurgen will call him up for the Copa America and maybe not. This has been your daily allotted non-story.

Projecting the USA U-23's roster for the Olympic qualifying playoff vs. Colombia - Stars and Stripes FC
I'm still mad we missed out on the 2012 Olympics.

U.S. Soccer Silent on FIFA Presidential Vote, for Now | The New York Times
I love the picture they chose for this article. It's very "would greatly prefer a 'none of the above' answer choice."

LA Galaxy defender Robbie Rogers welcomes newborn son |
That is one cute kid. Congrats, Robbie!

Your turn. Hit the comments!