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It's in the Net Still! D.C. United & Sundry Soccer Links for 12 February 2016

You, your La-Z-Boy, a beer, a slice of Armand's, and Dave Johnson still have a future together.

Stephen Morton/Getty Images

Friday Freedom Kicks is written in front of a live studio audience.

Dave Johnson expected to return as D.C. United TV announcer but analyst undecided - Washington Post:  Dave Johnson will be punctuating our living room squeals with "It's in the net!" at least a little while longer.

DC United Comes Home to Cold Weather | Washingtonian:  Check out the shot of the filthy snowzilla glacier in the parking lot at RFK.

New to MLS? Here's a beginner's guide to Major League Soccer | Save this link for after you've taken a newbie to a D.C. United game, and they're itching to be part of the club.

Arsenal to play in MLS All-Star Game | This year's All-Star game will be way the hell out in San Jose. Oh well.

Watch: Meet Portland Timbers fan Igor Mortis — 'I tattoo. That's what I do' | Your Friday Freedom Kicks human interest story of the day.

Soccer: Why are soccer giants FC Barcelona, Benfica, Atletico Madrid and Boca Juniors starting a U.S. league with Mark Cuban? | SportsDay: Are you ready for some futsal?

The Downfall of a Russian Soccer Team - The New Yorker:  A sharp, in-depth look at the travails of Dynamo Moscow.

Prince Ali says FIFA politics affected international fixtures - Yahoo Sports:  I never thought I'd side with royalty, but Prince Ali seems like the best candidate to shake up FIFA.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is Finding Beauty in the Darkness about the utterly stunning discovery of gravitational waves this week.

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