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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Free rein on rainsday

And just a little bit of Hamilton for good measure.

It's Tuesday! These are your Freedom Kicks! I haven't been following soccer super closely lately and therefore this is one of those Free Rein Freedom Kicks, in which you all share stuff and talk about what's up!

Doesn't that sound liberating and exciting, and not just lazy? I thought so. But, ok, I will get you guys started:

USSF announces nominations for 2016 players of the year | Stars and Stripes FC
Christian Pulisic is definitely winning Young Male Player of the Year, right?

NASL on the brink: How the dominoes might fall for second-division soccer | FourFourTwo
This is a good breakdown of the situation.

Can Zinedine Zidane prove the rare playing great who is just as good as a manager? | Yahoo Sports
On Zizou and Real Madrid.

Oh, and because it feels like it's been simply AGES since I shared something Hamilton-related—y'all have checked out the mixtape by now, right? Cool, just checking.

Hit the comments with whatever's on your mind!