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D.C. United has options in today’s Re-Entry Draft

United has shrewdly used the Re-Entry Draft over the years

The drafting does not stop this week, with the third of three today: after the Expansion Draft and the Waiver Draft comes the first stage of the Re-Entry Draft. Created a few years ago, the Re-Entry Drafts allows players to move to a new team that wants them, rather than allowing a team to just squat on a player’s rights (a la Kevin Hartman or Herculez Gomez). Many of the players who would have previously been in this draft are now free agents, so it is now stocked with players who do not have the eight years in the league to qualify for free agency.

In the first stage of the Re-Entry Draft, a team selecting a player is obligated to either pick up their option if it was declined or to offer them a contract at 105% of their 2016 salary. The full list is below, but there are a couple of names that pop out:

  • Devon Sandoval - F - Real Salt Lake: Sandoval made $67,500 last season so is likely available fairly cheaply. He is a big forward who can throw his body around, and that isn’t really something United has had over the years. Could be a nice change of pace off of the bench.
  • Chris Klute - D - Portland Timbers: Klute had an excellent first season and has really fallen off a cliff since then. However, at 26 and having been in bad situations, there is still more than a chance he can revitalize his career; at worst, he’s acceptable fullback depth. He made $91K last year, so not too expensive either.
  • Steve Neumann - F - New England Revolution: Neumann is a player that was right up there with Patrick Mullins on the list of attackers people wanted United to take three years ago, when the team went and got Steve Birnbaum instead. Since then he has languished in New England, not even getting playing time with their USL affiliate. A selection and loan to Richmond could do well for Neumann, who needs minutes in a bad way. At $62,500 last year, he is a cheap developmental project.

The draft starts at 3PM, and most likely United won’t take anybody. If you were in Dave Kasper’s shoes, though, what would you do?

2016 Re-Entry Draft Eligible Players

CHI Cocis, Razvan Option Decline
CHI Gehrig, Eric Option Decline
CHI McLain, Patrick Option Decline
CHI Stephens, Michael Option Decline
CLB Clark, Steve Option Decline
CLB Barson, Chad Out of Contract
COL Doyle, Conor Option Decline
DC Korb, Christopher Out of Contract
DC Dykstra, Andrew Option Decline
DC Saborio, Alvaro Option Decline
FCD Paparatto, Norberto Option Decline
FCD Rosales, Mauro Option Decline
HOU Maidana, Cristian Option Decline
HOU Mansally, Abdoulie Out of Contract
LA Da Silva, Leonardo Option Decline
MTL Bekker, Kyle Out of Contract
NE Neumann, Steve Option Decline
NE Kobayashi, Daigo Out of Contract
NYCFC Taylor, Tony Option Decline
NYRB Ouimette, Karl Option Decline
ORL Ribeiro, Pedro Option Decline
PHI Fernandes, Leo Out of Contract
POR Klute, Chris Option Decline
POR Konopka, Chris Option Decline
POR Taylor, Jermaine Option Decline
RSL Garcia, Olmes Option Decline
RSL Stertzer, John Option Decline
RSL Sandoval, Devon Out of Contract
SEA Farfan, Michael Option Decline
SEA Lowe, Damion Option Decline
SEA Ockford, Jimmy Option Decline
SEA Remick, Dylan Option Decline
SJ Meredith, Bryan Option Decline
SJ Sherrod, Mark Option Decline
SJ Nyassi, Sanna Out of Contract
SJ Stewart, Jordan Out of Contract
SKC Kempin, Jon Option Decline
TFC Williams, Josh Out of Contract
TFC Lovitz, Daniel Option Decline
VAN Morales, Pedro (DP) Option Decline
VAN Perez, Blas Out of Contract
2016 Re-Entry Draft eligible players