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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: I thought it felt a bit drafty

"Did you say Abe Lincoln?"

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Whaddup, friends. Ready for your daily of dose of soccer? Great, let's go!

D.C. United announces protected players for MLS Expansion Draft - Black And Red United
don't take my bb Jared Jeffrey plz

Miguel Aguilar traded to the LA Galaxy - Black And Red United
I'm a little sad about this but I wish him all the best. Enjoyed what I saw from him.

Report: Kennedy Igboananike traded to Portland Timbers - Black And Red United
Rather less sad about this if I'm honest.

Yes, I just started this with three links to articles on our site, but surely you love us the most and this pleases you. Yeah? Excellent. Moving on to a few more things...

Armchair Analyst: Observations ahead of Tuesday's Expansion Draft |
Pegs Kofi Opare as a potential target for Atlanta.

'They've been resilient for a long time' - Seattle Sounders originals Osvaldo Alonso, Brad Evans and Zach Scott finally lift MLS Cup -
Brad EvansSeattle Sounders original OR lost-in-time Civil War soldier? Who can say.

MLS underscoring its own credibility by moving on from the Gerrards, Lampards and Drogbas | Yahoo Sports
I agree with the overall point here that MLS is better off moving away from being a "retirement league," but I still weep that I never got to see Miroslav Klose play here. I weep.

Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo not just about individual awards - ESPN FC
Eh. Shrug.

That's all from me, folks! Hit the comments with anything else, and go have great days.