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MLS Expansion, Sebastian Giovinco, and Millenials: Freedom Kicks for 10 November 2016

Soccer, go!

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Freedom Kicks slept in late, had a rushed morning, and is trying to find ways to get everything organized. So, you know, a regular morning. To the links!

Who says milliennials don’t help out? How groups are tapping a new wave of volunteers. - The Washington Post: Includes a mention of D.C. United and DC Scores, so good job both of them!

Walker Zimmerman wins Goal USA's 2016 MLS Defender of the Year award - Steve Birnbaum is one of the honorable mentions, as well he should be.

Taking Attendance 11/6/2016: The Big List | Attendance | Stuff In My Head: D.C. United's average attendance was 18th, behind most MLS teams and one USL team (FC Cincinnati). The Washington Spirit were at 44, the Richmond Kickers at 40, and the New York Cosmos at 45. So, the princes of NASL drew less than both the Kickers and the Spirit, and drew less in New York than in Richmond and Boyds, Maryland.

Up and coming LAFC looms as struggling LA Galaxy continues slide from MLS peak: I'm sure I will come to dislike LAFC greatly, even more than I already do, but Galaxy-freude is fun.

Miami MLS franchise 'really, really close': Leiweke | Soccer | Sports | Toronto: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

MLS Expansion Update: St Louis, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Miami, Charlotte, Sacramento, Atlanta and Minnesota - The Blue Testament: Hey, have some updates from places that are closer to an MLS team than Miami.

Jozy Altidore: Toronto FC, USMNT star healthy at right time | Jozy has looked really good in these playoffs, so hopefully he can carry that over to the USMNT as well.

Ventura’s exclusion of Giovinco is arrogant and shortsighted - Waking The Red: Giovinco and his agent are firing back at the Italian national team.

That's what I've got; what's up?