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Wednesday Freedom Kicks: Lost in the world

Carli Lloyd to retire in 2020, FIFA president wants a 48-team World Cup, the “laughing stock” that is England’s national team, Talon gets no respect and MLS players fly like the rest of us. Rise up for your Wednesday Freedom Kicks!

FIFA First 'offline' VAR test in Bari - Press Conference Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

What up world. It’s Wednesday morning and I’m set to travel to Miami this morning, where tomorrow I will hopefully be able to catch a charter flight for Cuba for the USMNT match that takes place Friday. Hurricane Matthew is trying his best to foil my plans, but way more important than my plans to follow the USMNT is the safety of everyone in the path of this vicious storm. Hope everyone is out of harm’s way. Alright, here’s some news before I depart:

Carli Lloyd plans to retire after 2020 Olympics | Fox Soccer

Captain Carli will remain with the United States through the 2020 Olympics. There will likely be some turnover in the next three years, but as long as she remains healthy, this is great news for fans of the USWNT.

World Cup: FIFA president Gianni Infantino wants 48-team tournament | BBC

48 team World Cup? Really, Infantino? 32 wasn’t good enough, your own suggestion of 40 teams isn’t even good enough for you now, so we’re up to 48? Why don’t we just make it 150 or 200 while we’re at it?

Ranking all the ridiculous mascots of MLS | Fox Soccer

All respect to Caitlin Murray, who is a fabulous writer, but Talon is the best mascot in MLS and that’s not up for debate.

Danny Rose accepts England’s ‘laughing stock’ reputation after Allardyce’s exit | The Guardian

And now, we check in on soccer’s most famous and longest running soap opera, where Danny Rose accepts that the team is a “laughing stock” after Big Sam’s departure. Cue the Morgan Freeman meme.

For the Galaxy, traveling to games is plane exhausting | Los Angeles Times

The L.A. Times takes a much-needed look at the issues MLS teams face in traveling to matches via commercial flights, and it’s a issue that needs to be debated: is it time for MLS teams to be free to use charter flights for all matches?

Several football associations sanctioned after discriminatory and unsporting conduct of fans | FIFA

Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico (duh), Canada (what?!), Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Italy and Albania were all charged with discriminatory and unsporting conduct and fined due to actions by their fans in recent matches. While we all know why Mexico was caught (just make them play behind closed doors, already), we’re probably all wondering what Canada did to get punished.

Alright, it’s 7:00am and I need to get ready to head to DCA. The comments section is open for business. Don’t get lost in the world today, and enjoy your day!