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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Bob Bradley > you

Today's main lesson tbh.


Heyo, it finally, truly feels like fall, y'all! And I am here for it. I'm also 1000% elephants here for D.C. United getting that away win in Toronto and sitting nicely above the red line. (Obviously, I know it was days ago, but I feel it bears repeating.)

Shall we get to some soccer things? Mostly one soccer thing, to be honest.

Bob Bradley becomes first American to manage a major European club, finally
*waves excitedly at Papa Bradley*

Bob Bradley Joins Swansea as Premier League’s First American Manager | New York Times
*keeps waving*

Bob Bradley’s Swansea tenure is the most important in American coaching history | The 91st Minute
No pressure!

What does Bradley’s hiring at Swansea mean for American soccer? – ProSoccerTalk
But seriously, no pressure!!

Swansea City wrong to overlook Ryan Giggs for Bob Bradley - Chris Sutton - BBC Sport
lol k

FIFA president Gianni Infantino proposes 48-team World Cup with play-in round - ESPN FC
I'm already exhausted by this.

WATCH: U.S. based Bolton fan gets wedding surprise from Stu Holden – ProSoccerTalk
If I were to invite Ben Olsen to my potential future wedding, do you think he would come and make it the best #BennyWatch ever?

And finally, a little bit of love from the league site:

That's all I got, fam. What else is up?