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D.C. United vs. Toronto GIFs

We look at some moments from Saturday.

MLS: D.C. United at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United was going up to Canada to play a Toronto FC side that had been looking not as good as they normally would (thanks to the absence of Sebastian Giovinco), but still among the East leaders. Dressing an A-minus/B-plus side that was definitely leggy from the work they’d put in over the last two and a half weeks, their 2-1 win may have been as impressive as the ones which have given them all this goalscoring over the last two months.

With that, I’ll open things up to the GIF goodness, starting with a nice run made by Mark Bloom that Lamar Neagle didn’t pick up on, nor was Luke Mishu in any position to get. Bill Hamid made the proper decision to come out and stop things before they got serious.

Moving ahead moments later to the goal from Jozy Altidore. I mean, there was only so much Steve Birnbaum could have done, 1 on 1, in open field, with a forward in good form of national team quality. But hey, it was what it was.

Next is the first D.C. goal. A great play made by Julian Buescher to get the ball back to Lloyd Sam after the corner (oh by the way, Lamar Neagle and Bobby Boswell are kept onside), then things left to the improbable scoring duo of Steve Birnbaum and Neagle:

Moving along to Neagle’s brace, there was another cry for offside initially, but as this angle shows, he looks on. Another great pass by Sam to set up Neagle who I initially thought would shoot it right into Clint Irwin. I was glad to be wrong:

One last one, and it was a late call for a handball on Neagle in D.C.’s area. Well, in looking at this I’ll just say Homer Simpson backs into bushes dot gif:

So, what stood out for you?