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Andy Najar, Patrick Nyarko, and Didier Drogba: Freedom Kicks for 7 January 2016

Soccer, Go!

Soccer links are getting to your right before the bell, so let's just get right into it.

Andy Najar makes happy child with leukemia in the United States - Diario Diez: Andy Najar still doing some good work in the DMV.

One Last Assist: A Farewell to Patrick Nyarko - Hot Time In Old Town: Our sister site says farewell to Patrick Nyarko.

The NFL wants this field for the Super Bowl, but a youth league is fighting back | US news | The Guardian: NFL is just going come in a rip up a city-owned youth field that 6,000 kids use.

Spanking, dehydration and ignorance of concussions: New details about Peter Nowak's Union tenure: Jonathan Tannenwald's write-up of all of his information about Peter Nowak. It is pretty awful.

Jesse Gonzalez has change of heart, turns down U.S. camp invite for Mexico opportunity - He must have realized that he would just be behind Bill Hamid for years and decided to try Mexico instead.

Armchair Analyst: Possible Generation adidas signees dominate 2016 SuperDraft Mock Draft 1.0 | MLS takes a stab and projects that D.C. United will pick a UVA defensive midfielder.

We briefly thought that Didier Drogba had retired to take a job with Chelsea yesterday, but then he Tweeted this: