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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: I'm just like my country / I'm young, scrappy, and hungry


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Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

I refuse to accept that work has resumed so I'm just going to ignore it and listen to the Hamilton soundtrack instead.

Well, and read about some soccer things.

Sources: Jordan Morris to turn pro -
Try to contain your shock.

Los Angeles Football Club set to unveil crest and club colors on January 7 |
I hope they are terrible tbh. I feel that there is a good chance of this.

ASN article: The 10 American Soccer Players to Watch in 2016
But you are also allowed to keep tabs on more than just these 10, never fear.

SoccerAmerica - John Hackworth on why the USA needs its U-17 Residency Program
Also recommend checking out Boehm's Twitter yesterday for some of his thoughts on this.

Grant Wahl 12 predictions for 2016: Copa America, USWNT, FIFA - Planet Futbol -
I dunno, in case you were wondering.

ASN article: Dear Patrick Vieira: In MLS the Team Is Always the Star
This is quite in depth actually and well worth the read.

MLS: 5 players that should consider playing the US in 2016 | Yahoo Sport
I was about to declare this list INVALID until I got to the last one.

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