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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Brad Evans prob fought in the Civil War though

Also: the Jordan Morris saga continues.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Sadly, it is back to business as usual today, and soccer things keep keeping on.

Toronto FC acquire goalkeeper Clint Irwin from Colorado Rapids for targeted allocation money, draft picks |
I kind of love Clint Irwin. TFC surely is a better spot for him/anyone than Colorado.

Brad Evans added to USMNT January camp roster - Stars and Stripes FC
First veteran Klinsmann has added. By "veteran" I of course mean "reincarnation of a Civil War general" because that's what he looks like and you know I'm right.

Sources: U.S. Soccer set to sign 17-year-old talent Mallory Pugh, allocate to NWSL’s Portland Thorns — Soccer Wire
This was news on Friday, but Boehm tweeted this yesterday about it:

More coming there, I'd imagine.

Jordan Morris to Werder Bremen is just a matter of "when" per club's sporting director - Stars and Stripes FC

ASN article: Dear Jordan Morris: Stay in Germany and Make It Work
I don't have a "Dear Jordan Morris, Play in MLS" article, so you guys will have to craft that argument yourselves.

Silverbacks aren’t done as a soccer franchise |
I still wish the Silverbacks had become MLS Atlanta. Silverbacks is and always has been a baller name, for one thing. And for another, I have a hard time seeing the Silverbacks staying afloat in Atlanta with MLS there.

Louis van Gaal and the collapse of English football culture - Eurosport British
This is about the way coaches are treated in the ~digital age~ but consider this: without social media, we would never have gotten hashtags like #BennyWatch, #Birdbomb, and #HeadbandOfBrothers. So, I mean.

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