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Go Slaw! D.C. United & Sundry Soccer Links for 15 January 2016

Can you really have enough Uniteds? Is the guy replacing Blatter worse than Blatter? Would you want a ruffian like Steven Gerrard swinging clubs at your golf course?

Sheik Salman Bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa
Sheik Salman Bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa
Stanley Chou/Getty Images

This Friday Freedom Kicks is dedicated to the man who sold the world.

Bill Hamid out several months with knee injury, clouding D.C. United's MLS draft day - WaPo: WTF.

D.C. United, active in SuperDraft, finds midfield help in Syracuse's Julian Buescher - Washington Times: With Perry Kitchen likely headed to some northern European league, an exciting new midfielder is on his way to RFK. This is a good move by D.C. United. I endorse. Actually, make that two exciting new midfielders. ClowseBuescher. They should open a brewery.

Top three picks of MLS draft feature two Georgetown Hoyas - WaPo: Maybe we should all start going to Hoya games to see the next big thing.

Lancaster County's Keegan Rosenberry taken third overall in MLS draft | Soccer | Also, like our backup's backup - who I guess is actually now our backup for "several months" at least - I'm talking about Travis Worra - this Hoya named Keegan Rosenberry is from Amish country. What are they putting in the milk up there?

2016 Superdraft |  All of the Superdraft picks so far, in an organized, pretty way.

MLS SuperDraft: Jack Harrison goes to NYCFC, Union land star trio - Planet Futbol -  SI thinks that Philly had the best day yesterday.

MLS checks out Target Field, U stadium for possible United soccer in 2017 - And by "United soccer," they don't mean D.C. United. They mean the other United. Speaking of which, I was happy that the other other United got creamed in the logo rankings earlier this week. Part of our antipathy for Atanta stems from the lack of originality in the name (not that ours is original original, but theirs is truly unoriginal unoriginal - you know what I mean). Anyway, back when Atlanta United unveiled itself, I tried to be constructive with my criticism, not just naysaying but coming up with something decidedly better. So please rate this revamped logo:


Sports teams usually choose animals, occupations, lofty concepts, severe weather events, or, hell, even ethnic slurs as their mascots. But what about a delicious foodstuff that is a staple of the region's cuisine? You never see that. Does this not make you hungry for some soccer? GO SLAW! Too much SLAW for them Sporks, Kansas City? Huh?

Could Major League Soccer be Coming to St. Louis? | Riverfront Times: St. Louis deserves an MLS team. It has the richest soccer history of any U.S. city. Plus, they've had to deal with the Cardinals and now the Rams skipping town, which reminds me:  The NFL is just the worst, while an MLS club may just save the day.

Soccer star Steven Gerrard rejected from golf club due to his off-the-field behavior | Golf Digest: Wait. Steven Gerrard was in a street fight? And it's on video? Wait, nope, that's a pub fight with Steven Gerrard. Maybe this one? Yes, that's a street fight with Steven Gerrard. Got my Steven Gerrard fight videos mixed up.

Jackson soccer player gathers shoes for those in need - The Repository - Canton, OH: What's the opposite of millionaire Steven Gerrard getting into a street fight and being denied membership at an elite golf club? This story is the opposite of that.

Sheik Salman deal to bring Asia and Africa closer could clinch FIFA presidency vote | Daily Mail Online: So a member of the Bahraini royal family may win the FIFA presidency. Human rights organizations claim the Sheik was involved in targeting pro-democracy athletes for imprisonment and torture. According to Human Rights Watch:

"If a member of Bahrain's royal family is the cleanest pair of hands that Fifa can find, then the organisation would appear to have the shallowest and least ethical pool of talent in world sport."

I guess it figures that someone like this would replace Blatter.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is this article about how David Bowie's first hours in the United States were spent in Silver Spring and Takoma Park, with an awesome picture of him on a couch in a Silver Spring living room in 1971. Also, be sure to sign the petition to God demanding David Bowie's return forthwith.

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