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Filibuster podcast episode 165: Werewolf trademark attorney

The FDA recommends approximately 70 minutes of Filibuster per week as a part of a healthy and balanced diet.

There isn't that much D.C. United news to talk about, but Filibuster we are and so Filibuster we must. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk first about United's trade for Patrick Nyarko, breaking down his role and what United gave up to get him. We also talk about United's draft priorities now that they have a speedy winger on board.

We then welcome on Alicia Rodriguez of The Goat Parade to talk about LAFC. We discuss their recent badge and color reveal, judge the local reaction to the new team, and talk about the supporter's that are already in place. We also ask about former D.C. player John Thorrington, now an executive for LAFC, as well as their 25 owners. We end by asking about Mia Hamm's promise to bring a women's soccer team to LA as a part of this group.

After Alicia leaves, we move on to talk about Camp Cupcake and the D.C. United players that are there. We talk about the mix of players Jurgen Klinsmann decided to call in, and wonder why he brought Jermaine Jones along.

Finally, we open up the Twitterbox to answer your questions, including who will be the next D.C. United player in the MLS Best XI and about older players entering MLS.

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