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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Do you have a moment to talk about Carli Lloyd

I brought some pamphlets.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Sometimes I forget I have to do Freedom Kicks until it's 11 p.m. on Monday night and then I'm like "oh yeah, I did have something to do." It's possible that this explains a lot about my Freedom Kicks.

D.C. United's Top 20 in 20: Who Should (and Shouldn't) be on the List - Black And Red United
In case you missed this one yesterday.

Carli Lloyd wins FIFA World Player of Year award
Messi who? Jill Ellis also won Women's Coach of the Year.

Equalizer Soccer – Lloyd, Sauerbrunn take over USWNT captaincy
hearts in eyes emoji goes here

Battery will not host Challenge Cup in 2016 | Charleston Battery
sad face emoji goes here

ASN article: Will Brandon Vincent Make Impact During Jan. Camp?
"United States men's national team head coach and technical director Jurgen Klinsmann made changes to his team's roster over the weekend and most were of the ho-hum variety: Steve Birnbaum, David Bingham, and Perry Kitchen..." Ummm excuse you, sir.

Soccer 2016: U.S. women aim to sustain, men to gain | The Washington Post
Dear USMNT: Do better.

Kazakhstan fans get to vote on country’s next national coach | Football | The Guardian
what if we got them all to vote for Klinsmann tho

Also, this happened and it's kind of...not great, Bob:

All right, what else is up?