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B&RU Match Prediction Game - Week 27

United get a much-needed rest in Week 27 after a catastrophic loss to the Red Bulls last week, extending their losing streak to three games.

It's going to be another bootleg Match Prediction Game this week. I won't offer up any excuses. Instead I'll just say, "Deal with it." Post your predictions for Week 27 in the comments section, and I'll provide updated scores for Weeks 26 and 27 next week. With only six games scheduled, it's going to be a somewhat quiet week. Until things pick up, enjoy the silliness that is the USMNT roster selection [ed. note: This is a very difficult task] and pray that Olsen and company can pull themselves together to finish out the remainder of the season with some dignity.

Week 27 Games:

Friday, September 4th

USMNT v. Peru

Saturday, September 5th

New England v. Orlando City

Montreal v. Chicago

Seattle v. Toronto FC

San Jose v. Philadelphia

Sunday, September 6th

Columbus v. FC Dallas*

(Note: Home team is always listed first. A match marked with an asterisk (*) is worth double points.)