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D.C. United versus Montreal Impact Staff and Reader Predictions

D.C. goes up North to try and right the ship.

D.C. United comes to Quebec to play the Montreal Impact in a game sponsored by the number five; the winless streak of D.C.'s and the undefeated streak of Montreal's. Nevertheless, Saturday afternoon should prove to be an interesting game, despite what we predict about it.

Ryan Keefer

D.C. United going to Montreal to face an Impact side that smoked a hot New England Revolution side should be cause for concern. Another cause of concern? It was at Stade Saputo, and if there is one team that cannot score goals on the road, it's D.C. United (technically it's either D.C. or the Colorado Rapids, since they're the only ones who haven't broken double digits in road goals yet, but I digress). 2-0 Montreal, and the noose around the Black and Red neck continues to tighten, and not in a good way.


We return to Montreal, the site of our last league victory (One Shot, One Kill).  Unfortunately, this time around we have to face a Impact side that has this guy Didier Drogba on the roster.  They have been playing lights out lately and are looking to make a late push into the playoffs.  Even after all that, and considering how bad we've been in the league the last month and a half, I'll still call this one a draw: 2-2, goals by Fabian Espindola and Chris Rolfe.


The last time that DC United was in Montreal was... the last time DC United won a game.  Despite the win, Montreal outshot us 25 to 1.  That's 2,500% better than our shots.  There was no Didier Drogba.  And many of the shots were off-target.  Bill Hamid was like a Tasmanian Devil taking care of the rest.  I don't think they will outshoot us by as much this time, because they won't need the shots.  Drogba and Ignacio Piatti will find the net early, and Montreal won't feel the urgency down the stretch.  Final score will be 3-0, Montreal with the win.

Leanne Elston

Unfortunately I have a hard time seeing DCU get even a point out of this game. The Impact might be playing a tight schedule to make up for when they had approximately one million games in hand, but I'm not sure that'll be enough for United to fight out a result. I'm just not convinced they're up to it, especially on the road. The Black-and-Red return from Montreal with zero points and zero goals as the Impact bag a 2-0 win.


These are sour times for United, but I also wonder about how the Impact will keep themselves going. Remember all those games in hand they have? Well, those are all mid-week games, and the Impact might be running on fumes without some major rotation Wednesday against Chicago. I think United will give us a good start and maybe a glimmer of hope that they'll take advantage of said heavy legs. Look for Rolfe to give United the lead from open play, but the Impact will eventually fight their way back into the game. Drogba will get the crucial equalizer, the game will swing completely in Montreal's favor, and eventually l'Impact find a late winner. 2-1 IMFC, sadness continues.

Adam Taylor

First off, the good: United will be better in this game. The bad: it'll be "better" like we saw against Columbus - better, but still not quite good. The hosts take this one 2-1, an Alvaro Saborio goal canceled out and then some by tallies from Marco Donadel and the Drogba.

Steven Streff

United are in need of a turn around, but a trip to Canada doesn't do the job this time. Having not won in the league since their last visit to Montreal, United this time are undone by the Drogba-led Impact. Drogba's impact makes the difference, as Montreal beat United 3-1, with Espindola tallying the lone United goal.

Ben Bromley

D. C. United will either finally break out of their funk or, by losing to the Montreal Impact finally become them. 2-1 loss for the good guys, with a Rolfe goal the only tally for light.