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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, CONCACAF Champions League, and other links for Wednesday September 23, 2015

3 goal comebacks, dudes scoring 5 goals in 9 minutes, and someone you think is great eating more oreos than you can eat.

Let's start with the standard aggregation of D.C. United match reports from the Black-and-Red's exciting, flawed 3-3 draw last night:

Black and Red United (and some quotes from Chad Ashton for good measure)

D.C. United made Pope Francis a jersey to welcome him to America | SB Nation
I just hope this is how we rekindle our once fruitful pipeline to Argentine talent.

Moving on, we'll get to the salary info that was released yesterday in a full post on the site in a few hours. Let's look at some non-salary links instead:

New U.S. Open Cup qualifying process introduced | Soccer America
I've been carrying this link on my phone's browser for 6 days, so here goes. This won't have an impact on United, but it will inform how things work for all of the semi-pro and amateur clubs in next year's USOC. Two local sides - the Maryland Bays (who made the Cup last year) and Aromas Cafe FC from Charlottesville - will have to qualify, while Fredericksburg FC has been given an at-large bid by the NPSL.

24 Under 24: Fabian Castillo on making it in America and his World Cup dream |
I'm not inclined to dispute listing Castillo as the best player in the 24 Under 24 rankings. I do still object to Miguel Aguilar being left off the 75 player shortlist. I counted 19 players he is substantially better than on that list (even though I had no expectation that he'd make the final 24).

Anyway, this is a video interview.

Dr. Eva Carneiro has 'parted company' with Chelsea -- reports | We Ain't Got No History
I'm not really sure how she could have stuck around given the way Chelsea handled this whole thing.

Relive the Impossible: Robert Lewandowski scored 5 goals in 9 minutes | Bavarian Football Works
Scoring 5 goals in 9 minutes would be hard for me right now if I joined into an organized game of, say, 9 year olds. Robert Lewandowski did it yesterday in the Bundesliga against a team in the UEFA Champions League. It was in a game he didn't even start. The 2nd goal came while Bayern fans were still chanting his name from the first one. I guess he's pretty good at kicking the ol' soccer ball around.

At the very least, just go watch the 5th goal.

Lindsay's 'Pick 6' with Alex Morgan | ESPN
Lindsay Czarniak talks to Alex Morgan about the NWSL, tennis, and pickles. I do apologize about ESPN's site autoplaying videos and also just generally being a mess.

That's all I have for you, since I forgot to put this together until hours after the game ended (hours that I should have gone to bed during). Let's remember to have fun out there: