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D.C. United versus Montego Bay United FC staff and reader predictions

D.C. United is already into the knockout round of the CCL, but there are still things for which to play.

D.C. United plays their final group stage match in the Concacaf Champions League tonight, and there isn't much at stake. Seeding is still at hand, but last year provided that seeding doesn't matter too much. We are all pretty confident, so let us know that you think will happen in the comments.

Ryan Keefer

I mean, one team is playing for seeding Tuesday night, the other team has said they’re essentially playing for pride. 2-0 DC, with goals to Aguilar and Arrieta, and D.C. lands (eventually) a three seed out of this fun CCL stuff.


United enter this game having already clinched the group and the only thing that will be worth keeping an eye on is whether I make the 18 Tuesday night. MoBay United are playing for pride, but they're outmatched. Prediction: I make the 18 but do not feature in a 3-0 United victory, goals by Aguilar (2) and Opare.


Doyle with the hat trick! DC United demolishes Montego Bay, 3-1.

Leanne Elston

This has got to be a win for the Black-and-Red, and thank the soccer gods for that, because I need a palate cleanser after Saturday's showing. Not that this will be a particularly beautiful game, though--it's still the CCL. But 3-0 to DCU, with an Aguilar goal sandwiched by two (two!) from Doyle (Doyle!).


United should be rather engaged in this game after failing to win in the league for the 5th straight time. Still, I think it will take a slap in the face for them to get going. Montego Bay opens the scoring - breaking United's 4+ game CCL group stage shutout streak - but Jairo Arrieta responds pretty quickly. Miguel Aguilar scores early in the second half on a pass from Collin Martin, and Conor Doyle scores a third to cap it off. 3-1 United...the American version, I mean.

Adam Taylor

I expect this one to be rather drab, but los Capitalinos pull out a 2-0 win on goals from Aguilar and Doyle. (I mean, who else?)

Steven Streff

No face goals this year in the fourth and final group stage game. But a minimalist United team takes all three points anyway, with Aguilar and Doyle netting in a 2-1 win.

Ben Bromley

A meaningless game, and a meaningless win for D.C. United. Hopefully Collin Martin gets to play and set up Miguel Aguilar for two goals and setting himself up for more playing time next year.