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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: They're alive, damn it!

It's a miracle.

Happy Tuesday! The pope is coming to town, and I wonder if we could possibly trouble him to give our local soccering team a quick blessing. Couldn't hurt, and we need it a bit.

Actually, we'll probably be okay tonight, right? Right? D.C. United (some of them, anyway) are in Jamaica and play Montego Bay United in the CCL tonight, so stick around later for more on that game.

In the meantime, on to the links!

Should D.C. United keep Perry Kitchen? - Black And Red United
If you haven't already, you should go pile on this discussion or yell at Ben or something in the comments.

MLS expansion: Don Garber visits St. Paul as next round unfolds - Planet Futbol -
Straus with a great breakdown of the current state of MLS expansion.

24 Under 24: How former pros are building a soccer culture – and a new group of young stars |
Good stuff from the Boehm.

How teams stack up wins and ignore their academies | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog
More on youths.

Unstoppable Carli Lloyd Just Keeps 'Chugging Along'
The Unstoppable Carli Lloyd is a Netflix show I would watch.

The high price USMNT would pay if it doesn't host Copa America Centenario | FC Yahoo - Yahoo Sports
"[...] this has become a big, jumbled mess." Well, color me shocked.

Soccer and tech: How the Sounders separate noise from signal with wearable tracking data - GeekWire
"While many soccer clubs now use wearable trackers to gain additional insight into player performance, the Seattle Sounders FC was largely ahead of the curve, utilizing new gadgets and software to gain an edge on competition before the technology became more mainstream." Seattle invented something, you guys.

What else is up?