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MLS, Copa America, FIFA ethics, NASL, and soccer links for 17 September 2015

Soccer, go!

Today's Freedom Kicks are a little sleepy, but still filled with all the vitamins and minerals you need to start your day. Let's go!

Copa América’s Fate Uncertain as U.S. Soccer Skips Meeting - The New York Times: US Soccer is skipping a planning meeting today for next year's Copa America, which all but seals that it will not be held in the US nor will they participate. :(

NASL league and club officials, including Aaron Davidson, shed revealing light on D1 aspirations :: For a league that is losing some of its best teams soon, these quotes are kind of amazing.

Can video replay work in soccer? MLS thinks so | Football | The Guardian: Apparently MLS has been secretely trialing instant replay with a couple of teams in the league, and thinks it can work.

On arenas, stadia and convenient outrage - Black And Red United: In case you missed this yesterday.

Nat Borchers finally feeling at home with Timbers in Portland | A nice piece on the realities of getting traded in MLS.

New member of Fifa reform committee accused of extortion: Dog bites man, water remains wet.

Why Lewis Neal Continues to Find Himself in Orlando City's Starting Lineup - The Mane Land: Miss u.

That's all I have. What's up?