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Dream Team Refugee: DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 11 September 2015

The Spirit in the playoffs, a 1980s sci-fi plotline as scouting strategy, the Syrian refugee crisis, and Mexico's trumping of The Donald -- all in today's Friday Freedom Kicks!

For a few hours every Friday morning, Friday Freedom Kicks is Kanye West to Black and Red United's Taylor Swift acceptance speech.

So... Imma let you finish, but...

DC United News and Notes - Washington Post - Goff provides some tidbits on Fabian Espindola's enthusiastic return and Marcus Halsti's recent international stint with Finland.

Colorado Rapids vs. D.C. United | MLS MatchCenter:  Here's your one-stop site for quick stats comparisons for this weekend's DCU game.

2015 Playoff Outlook - DC United:  This playoff outlook for each Eastern Conference team reminds us that everyone is still in contention.  Let's hope one game every five days for the next month grinds the New York Red Bulls into the detritus that you find at the bottom of your backpack after you haven't cleaned it for two or three years.

PLAYOFF PREVIEW: SEATTLE REIGN FC VS. WASHINGTON SPIRIT - National Women's Soccer League:  The Washington Spirit begins its playoff run Sunday night on Fox Sports 1 at 9:30 pm EDT.  (You'll just have to DVR Fear the Walking Dead.)  The question is whether Fox Sports 1 has the video technology to keep track of Crystal Dunn's movement.  There's this theory out there that she has a quantum link to a subatomic particle in a parallel universe that defies the physics of this universe.  The folks at the Large Hadron Collider are working overtime to unravel the mystery of Crystal Dunn.

Colorado Rapids using popular video game as scouting tool | SIDELINE |  Didn't they make a movie about this in the 1980s?  Oh yeah.  It was called The Last Starfighter.

Syrian refugee tripped by shamed camera woman is named | euronews:  You might have seen the horrifying viral video this week of a Hungarian camera woman assaulting Syrian refugees while she covered an attempt by said refugees to break through a police cordon.  She kicked a young girl and tripped a father while he was carrying a crying little boy.  Why is this here in Freedom Kicks?  The refugee whom she tripped turns out to be a "dream team" soccer coach who had been tortured by the Assad regime and was fleeing ISIS.  The boy was his 7-year-old son.  Grant them asylum, USA.  Maybe US Soccer could sponsor him and his family for a visa?  Whattaya say, Sunil Gulati?

Mexican TV network uses Donald Trump in CONCACAF Cup TV spot | SIDELINE |  Dang.  Cue that rapper battle gif.

Ethics chief calls for Fifa president term limit - The Local:  Here starts the first nudge toward reform of FIFA.

Football in Serbia - Communist Laws and Socialist Legacy - Futbolgrad:  If there's one thing that's been lacking in Freedom Kicks, it's an analysis of how the original communist structure of professional football clubs in Serbia and the flawed privatization thereof have affected the beautiful game.  Consider that oversight now addressed.  Also, this Futbolgrad blog site is kind of fun.

There Could Soon Be A New Tournament Between The MLS And Premier League - Buzzfeed: Assuming MLS's Canadian clubs will already be a part of this, I say throw in the professional clubs of Iceland, Greenland, the rest of the UK premier leagues, Ireland, and the Faroe Islands and call it the North Atlantic Cup.  Because it's not like there's a limit to how many tournaments an MLS club can enter in one year.  365 days can be divided up into an infinite number of 90-minute segments.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is Will Ferrell pokes fun at Jose Mourinho's tactics in GQ award speech.

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