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Monday Freedom Kicks: Any time now, fellas

Recaps all around, referee suspensions, Italian teams slumping, and a damned nice moment.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well that wasn't fun, let's stop doing that, OK?

Recaps of D.C. United's loss to the San Jose Earthquakes from us (with more from us here), MLS (with more from them here), the Washington Post and CSN Mid-AtlanticCenter Line Soccer has the look from the Quakes' side of the fence.

Ranking MLS' Young Bosses | Looking at where Ben Olsen fits in MLS' current cadre of coaches.

2015 MLS Salaries Visualized (& You Can Add in Hypothetical Signings) | Stat Hunting: The fabulous Steve Fenn returns with his visual look at MLS salaries and a bit of a signing tracker involved to boot. Go play and consume.

Mark Geiger será suspendido durante seis meses: Mark Geiger is apparently suspended from handling international matches after his work in the Gold Cup. Good work everybody!

Adam Bittner: Pittsburgh has nothing to prove to MLS | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: I'm not sure why Pittsburgh would want to kiss away that kind of health for its town, unless it's a "You're fired." "Oh yeah? I quit!" situation where Mark Abbott is involved.

After the Fall: As Juventus Dominates, Serie A Needs Both Milan Teams to Be Competitive Again ": Mike Goodman talks about how AC Milan and Inter Milan need to be good again in a nice piece of writing.

Sunderland 1-1 Swansea City: Defoe Earns Black Cats First Point - Roker Report: Continuing on with partner club news, Jermain Defoe gets the first point of Sunderland's season in a draw with Swansea, the last team to get a point in the Premier League this season. Viva Black Cats!

Pedro’s sale to Chelsea is saving his boyhood club | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog | Videos | Pop-Culture: Mildly related to whatever sale of Andy Najar gets made from Anderlecht to elsewhere in Europe, the sale of Pedro from Barcelona to Chelsea will help at least one unspoken club.

And finally, for as much grief as the Seattle Sounders get, for good reason, this will warm all of your cold dark hearts:

Go forth and Monday y'all.