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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: My preferred weapon is a baguette

But we all do our hooliganism differently.

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Insert witty intro here!

And soccer links!

D.C. United Hires Youth Team Coaches, Including Father of World Cup Winner - Black And Red United
Cool. Cool cool cool.

U.S. women’s soccer team plans coming together for victory tour - The Washington Post
The roster for Sunday's and next Wednesday's games will include just the World Cup players.

NASL commissioner Bill Peterson vows to 'take action' to introduce promotion and relegation in North America - Telegraph
This plan, it is not a good plan.

Soccer fans used a sandwich board in a brawl on the streets of Newark | Fusion
A plea: Don't do this.

NBC Retains Rights to Premier League in Six-Year Deal | NYT
Good stuff, good stuff.

Youth soccer insurgency? Kleibans launch Las Vegas coaching summit — Soccer Wire
A soccer coaching summit was definitely the most happening party in Vegas that weekend.

Are the Cosmos making a run at serious youth development? | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog
Sometimes I wonder what the Cosmos even are tbh.

Donald Trump wants to buy a Colombian soccer club: No, seriously | SIDELINE |

I will leave you with this, which is 30 seconds of A+ lols:

What else is up?