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Throwback Thursday: D.C. United dismantles Real Salt Lake at RFK. No, the time before that one.

2008 wasn't exactly a banner year in D.C. United's checkered history, but there was one game in April where everything looked pretty peachy.

Now, I know, there's one game in particular you think of when you think "D.C. United vs. Real Salt Lake." And I know that it's the 2013 U.S. Open Cup final. Because of course it is. And I've shared it multiple times on Throwback Thursday, so today I'm going in another direction. I'm going with the time los Capitalinos hung four on RSL. No, not the DeRo hat trick game. A different beat down. Today, we're going all the way back to 2008 and a 4-1 dismantling of the Claret & Cobalt at RFK Stadium.

This game actually has some personal significance for me, even though I wasn't there. I was in law school, and I'd invited this woman I was into out to watch the game. It would turn into our first date, and now that woman is my wife. But you're probably not here for that part. You're here for the mind warz Jaime Moreno uses to destroy Nick Rimando on two penalties. You're here for the perfect first-time finish from Santino Quaranta and the one-upsmanship from Marcelo Gallardo (who, oh my gawd that finish).

Even in relatively dry years for United, there's always a little bit of good. And often as not, that little bit of good seems come courtesy of RSL. Since you've been a good audience, here's what you really want to see: a little bit of good from the otherwise arid 2013. Because how can I not?

And I'd like to end with a shout out to B&RU founder Martin Shatzer and his blog DCUMD, which was the precursor to this little corner of the Internet. If you pay close attention to the main video, you'll notice that he's the one who compiled these highlights back in the dark days of the last decade, before lengthy highlights packages were freely available for all to stream.