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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: MLS Players Undercover needs to be a television show

Gold Cup hangovers.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday snoozeday is how I'm feeling, but here are some links because I love you all.

MLS announces exclusive education partnership with Southern New Hampshire University |
I had never heard of SNHU, but this sounds like a nice little partnership for everyone.

Mexico wins Gold Cup, sets up clash vs. USA for Confed Cup berth - Planet Futbol -
This is going to be the hottest, messiest hot mess of a game, isn't it?

ASN article: Misfortune? Mismanaged? A Defense of Klinsmann
Ehhhhhhh I understand the arugment here and appreciate the thought-out article, but I think Klinsmann is still a huge factor in the USMNT's failures (and successes, sure, when they come). I'm not ready to, like, chase him down with a pitchfork, but dude keeps earning less and less of my tolerance.

Don't sweat about the Gold Cup — it's not worth your attention -
"I say this with total endearment," [Bradley] said. "It's a ridiculous tournament."

Montreal Impact acquire international star Didier Drogba |
Looking forward to seeing him in tomorrow night's MLS All-Star Game.

Dure: NWSL producing big games – will sponsors, broadcasters notice? — Soccer Wire
Man, selfishly I really wish the Spirit played not at the Plex.

I’m Home | The Players' Tribune
Shannon Boxx on retiring.

Even without Neymar and Messi, top soccer clubs remain a kick for fans - The Washington Post
You could bring 22 Miroslav Kloses to FedEx Field and I still wouldn't go see a soccer game there.

FOX Sports signs Ian Joy from beIN SPORTS to boost its soccer coverage | World Soccer Talk
Fun fact: I have an irrational hatred for his Twitter handle. Something about the all caps and the fact that I always read it like his name is Joy Paulian, which maybe is the joke, I guess, but it ANNOYS ME.

All right, last thing and then you guys fill in what I missed: