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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Dolla dolla bills, y'all


Rob Carr/Getty Images

There is something really annoying about having a cold during a heat advisory.

Let's just get to some links, shall we, and I'll try not to sneeze over all of them.

D.C. United CCL Opponent Facing Possible Disqualification - Black And Red United
Because their stadium might have inadequate lighting. #concacaf

Who's the guy who showered money on Sepp Blatter during a FIFA press conference? | SIDELINE |
An answer for you, in case you were wondering. I will also just leave this here for you:

Washington Spirit’s Crystal Dunn isn’t finished scoring in the NWSL - The Washington Post
Crystal Dunn is the truth.

Alex Morgan to join Lionel Messi on cover of FIFA 16 video game - Stars and Stripes FC
Get it, girl.

USMNT-Jamaica: Return to Atlanta; Evans memories; assessing turf - Planet Futbol -
Shout out to Georgia State University for apparently having a lovely grass practice field for our USMNT.

ASN article: Clint Dempsey Rises Above Controversy to Lead U.S.
Some guys go on walkabouts, some guys tear up notebooks. Whatever works, man.

Beasley back with US at 33, hoping for 5th Gold Cup title | FOX Sports
Okay, so Beasley letting kids from his soccer camp FaceTime with players on the USMNT bus is kind of amazing and adorable.

Gold Cup Daily: Penalty or not, officiating must improve -
We should tear up more notebooks!!!!

ASN article: Christen Press: "We Love the Game. We Love to Play"
Another friendly reminder that the NWSL exists and we should be watching it.

Kickstarter: Bring Back Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit | Kickstarter
Do it, do it now! Reboot the suit!

What else you got this fine morning?