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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Brought to you by the USWNT

A lot of stuff about the USWNT and the 2015 World Cup. But also: DCU stadium and FIFA goodness.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, feel that? That's the feeling of a U.S. win. The USWNT took hold of the top spot in Group D last night with a 3-1 win over Australia. If you missed it, highlights are here, or there are plenty of recaps out there for you to read, including but not limited to: my match diarythis from Stars and Stripes FC, and this from Fox Sports. Also, there's this analysis and player ratings from American Soccer Now, this quick statistical analysis from Paul Carr at ESPN, and finally this analysis from The 91st Minute.

Oh, I also have more soccer links for you. Let's get to those!

DC United and District of Columbia government reach final agreement for new stadium |
Still probably not going to believe anything until United are playing their first game in a new DC stadium with me there as witness. (Here's another article about this from the WaPo, by the way.)

Hope Solo's legal problems in news before USWNT begins World Cup - Planet Futbol -
Where this is Hope Solo there will be drama.

What makes U.S. forward Alex Morgan human
Will just leave this here: "She is the Taylor Swift of women's sports."

John Oliver OBLITERATES Bud Light Lime and McDonald's products for FIFA -
You need more John Oliver + FIFA in your life, obviously.

President Obama weighs in on FIFA scandal: US wants soccer to be "conducted in an upright manner" |
Maybe don't hold your breath, though.

FIFA compliance officer: World Cups could be stripped from Russia, Qatar |
Please and thank you.

How The Most Iconic Photo In Women's Soccer Was Almost Never Taken
Long read, but a good one.

Women's World Cup star Julie Foudy: 'For USA, it's win or fail. That's the reality' | Football | The Guardian
No pressure, USWNT! Have a nice tournament, play good soccer, maybe win the trophy OR ELSE.

ASN article: 6 Thoughts on the U.S.' Wild Win Over the Netherlands
Oh yeah, the USMNT played on Friday. And hey, they won too!

Atlanta MLS name and kit planning in full swing |
Just please don't pick a stupid name pleeeeeease

Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer cools off at -110 degrees as Bayern Munich star steps into ice chamber ahead facing USA | Daily Mail Online
Er. What?

What else you guys got? I'll leave you with this short doc about Christen Press: