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World Cup 2015: United States go top of their group with 3-1 win over Australia

After a shaky start, the U.S. women's national team grabbed all three points in their opening game against Australia.

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Welcome to your first USWNT game recap from yours truly. We're going to be doing things a little differently for these, by which I mean: match diaries! Because I feel like it, that's why.

Pre-game: I didn't realize until, like, yesterday that Abby Wambach had dyed her hair, so I'm pretty ashamed of that. The USWNT are wearing their new black, white, and neon green kits for this game. They make no sense and I am not a fan. What I am a fan of: the women crossing their arms in these pre-game graphics. They are much better at this than the men were.

1': JP Dellacamera is announcing this game. JP is a legend. All other opinions about him are invalid.

5': A lot of Australia to open things here, and Solo forced to make a save that still hits the crossbar. Comment from someone I'm watching with: "Did you say her teammates don't like her?"

10': My dad is evidently watching this game and has a lot of questions about why this is being played on turf.

12': Goal USA! 1-0. Megan Rapinoe does well to dribble out of traffic and take a shot that gets a helpful deflection. Wambach won the header there to get the ball to Pinoe.

13': Solo has to make a save at the other end. The goal obviously helps the U.S., but they have to be careful here. They've given Australia a lot of chances.

24': #HeadbandWatch for Ali Krieger's special protective headband. She rocks it, obviously. Also #HeadbandWatch for like half the ladies in this game.

27': Goal Australia! 1-1. Bend, bend, break. Give Australia enough chances and they're going to score. Defensive breakdown from the U.S. there as Lisa De Vanna gets the goal. Good passing sequence from the Aussies though.

29': Tony DiCicco: "I have to comment on that." And then silence. You know, it's probably for the best. The fewer words from him, the better. Leave everything to JP plz.

39': Pinoe takes a free kick and sends it towards Wambach for a close-range diving header--and she misses. Should've been a classic Abby goal, alas.

Halftime: 1-1. Not a stellar performance from the U.S. They're going to need to step things up here to get three points. On the plus side, Sweden and Nigeria drew 3-3 so a draw here for the U.S. wouldn't be, you know, tragic. Time for the second half, though. No subs for either side.

53': I'm typing something because I haven't so far this half. Currently the group I'm watching with is discussing genetically engineered athlete children. Whose genes would you want?

57': Cat Whitehill said the U.S. are playing better in this half. I'm...not so sure about that.

61': Goal USA! 2-1. Christen Press with the goal. Rapinoe with a great ball down the flank to Leroux, who gets it to Press, who slots it home from inside the box. Hey, who would've thought Press is good as a forward?

66': Time for a sub? We glimpsed Alex Morgan earlier. Feel like she might grab 15-20 minutes in this one, although she's perhaps not as necessary now that the U.S. have gone up.

68': Tobin Heath on for goalscorer Christen Press. Press was playing in midfield, so that's a pretty straight substitution.

73': Apparently #BeTheDifference is a hashtag for this tournament, because we didn't have enough already. Please consult me for all future desired hashtag creations.

78': Goal USA! 3-1. Megan Rapinoe with the brace! Not great defending from Australia, who let Pinoe run, run, run down the wing and finally take the shot far post. Pro tip: maybe don't let Pinoe do that.

79': Alex Morgan is on for Sydney Leroux. Narrative!!!

86': Morgan Brian making her World Cup debut as she's on for goalscorer x2 Megan Rapinoe.

90+3': Illegal throw-in! Illegal throw-ins are my favorite.

Full time: Don't panic! The U.S. may have started out not quite their best, but it's all three points in the end. They go top of Group D. Next up: Sweden (June 12 at 8 p.m. ET).

U.S. lineup (442): Hope Solo; Ali Krieger, Julie Johnston, Becky Sauerbrunn, Meghan Klingenberg; Christen Press (68' Tobin Heath), Carli Lloyd, Lauren Holiday, Megan Rapinoe; Abby Wambach, Sydney Leroux (79' Alex Morgan)

Australia lineup (4141): Melissa Barbieri; Servet Uzunlar, Laura Alleway (83' Ashleigh Sykes), Stephanie Catley, Caitlin Foord; Elise Kellond-Knight; Lisa De Vanna, Emily Van Egemond, Katrina Gorry (80' Alanna Kennedy), Samantha Kerr; Michelle Heyman (69' Kyah Simon)