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Michael Seaton's contract terminated by Orebro SK

The Jamaican forward and homegrown international appears to be headed back stateside.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Via DCU_Exile in our Kicks thread, word comes that Michael Seaton, on loan to Sweden's Orebro SK, has had his contract terminated by the Allsvenskan side and will be returning to America. The club has said it is not performance related, that they would not be in a position to guarantee regular playing time and thus is headed home.

Seaton managed to see time with the first team early on, but the club had a string of losses and currently finds themselves 14th out of 16 teams. Seaton did get some time with their U-21 team and scored a couple of goals, including this one, but the club needs to get out of the relegation zone, and they deemed playing a young striker to be not the best option at the moment. Combine this with Seaton's omission from the final squad for Jamaica in the coming Gold Cup, the last six months have been presumably stressful.

This would appear to do a couple of things for D.C. United: one, they have to find playing time for the forward, which with first teamers like Fabian Espindola and Luis Silva coming back, would appear to negate that, so Richmond may be the first and quickest option. Second, this puts Seaton's contract back on the books and puts the team in a bit of a roster squeeze. Until Eddie Johnson's retirement/roster drop is official, this puts the team at the 28-man roster limit, so another move would have to happen if the team even considers adding anyone over the summer.