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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, Buzzard Point, and FIFA news for Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yesterday was so uneventful.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Slow news day yesterday. Pretty boring. No earth-shattering international scandals, or potentially disastrous developments locally.

Yup. Just a boring Tuesday. No big news in these links:

At 11th hour, D.C. United considers bolting for Virginia | The Washington Post
We talked about this yesterday both from a nuts-and-bolts perspective and from an emotional one, but here's Jonathan O'Connell's piece on the latest twist in the never-ending saga that is D.C. United's stadium search.

Let me try to sum up my thoughts on this matter without going on at length:

  1. This is a shitty thing to do. I try to keep this site PG wherever possible, but that's the descriptor I keep coming back to.
  2. Moving out of DC rips the soul out of this club. I was against the move to PG County, and that site was between my house at the time and my job. Naturally I don't want to have to drive 15 hours each way out to Dulles, but my own selfish motivations take a backseat on my list of concerns to this more conceptual one. If you move this team out of DC, it is no longer what we think of as D.C. United.
  3. Suburban stadiums don't work in MLS, and this one borders on being an exurban stadium. Maybe this isn't a Frisco-level bad idea, but it's still a pretty bad idea.
  4. Telling people you're fully committed to one thing only rings true if you actually stay committed to it. You can't say you only have eyes for DC and then start flirting with Virginia because the behind-the-scenes stuff is moving at less than light speed.

Bowser: District has "very generous deal" on table for United stadium | The Washington Post
Here's O'Connell again - this time with Aaron C. Davis - on how mayor Muriel Bowser and city council chair Phil Mendelson are not exactly pleased with this move from United. And really, they have every right to be upset.

D.C. United stadium in Loudoun County? Many fans say ‘no’ | DC Sports Bog
I wasn't happy with how Clinton Yates approached the topic during the stadium bill's push through city hall, but I can't fault him here. It's hard to defend trying to squeeze the District into an even sweeter deal than than the one United & the city agreed to.

D.C. United’s Chris Rolfe suspended for MLS match against Chicago Fire | The Washington Post
On the field itself, Steve Goff checked in with Ben Olsen, who will once again have to rotate his players. The main note here? Fabian Espindola has a chance of participating tonight, as both he and Luis Silva are training at 100%.

United vs. Chicago Fire weather forecast: Far from pitch perfect | Capital Weather Gang
Weather for tonight's game in case you want to be confused.

Sepp Blatter, Under Investigation, to Resign as FIFA President | New York Times
I guess this was kind of big news, I don't know.

Sepp Blatter resigned from FIFA. Why now and what's next? | SB Nation
Just kidding, it's huge news. While I have strong doubts that FIFA will actually truly change - it would require full-scale, top-to-bottom reforms - Blatter's departure is in and of itself a positive thing. It just might be followed by equally bad and/or worse news, because that's how FIFA rolls.

Ninjas transcend time and space in this year’s Gathering Of The Juggalos infomercial | AV Club
Let's start the campaign now: The host of the 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos should be Sepp Blatter. He can take the event to Qatar. Everyone wins.