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A Men's Team Place for the Kitchen: DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 12 June 2015

Perry Kitchen's stock is rising. Hope Solo's stock is in question. And FIFA makes a joke. Sorry, I meant, FIFA is a joke.

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It's been a long week for old Touchline, so let's skip the niceties and get down to business.

Armchair Analyst: Why DC United's Perry Kitchen has next, and what he needs to learn |  Perry Kitchen's USMNT stock is rising like it just don't care.

‘Unleashed the beast': US women spurred by ex-coach’s rips | New York Post:  USWNT to Sundhage:  "Don't make us angry.  You wouldn't like us when we're angry."  (Especially that Hope Solo.)

Senator admonishes U.S. Soccer for including Hope Solo on World Cup roster | For The Win:  Connecticut's former Attorney General turned Senator Blumenthal has some choice words for Mr. Gulati.

Brennan: Do-nothing U.S. Soccer must do something with Hope Solo - USA Today:  "By doing nothing when the issue first arose, Gulati ensured that it would come to a head at the worst possible time..."  That's a soccer federation head for you.  Like Archbishops in the Catholic Church during the late 90s and early 00s.

Women's World Cup Review: China triumph late, Canada struggle up front -  The China game was exciting.

Fifa communications chief forced to quit after joke backfires - Telegraph:  "The Fifa president, secretary general and communications director are all travelling in a car. Who's driving?" he asked, before answering his rhetorical question: "The police."  Pahahahahaha.  Sigh.

American soccer is on fire - Business Insider:  And it's the right. kind. of. fire.

Soccer "minnows" hit back at German idea to weight FIFA votes - Yahoo Sports:  I stand with the minnows on this one.

When Soccer Turns Dirty, It's the Poor Who Lose - NYT:  How the poor of the world suffer at the hands of the likes of Sepp Blatter, Jack Warner, Chuck Blazer, and the rest of 'em.

And your Friday Freedom Kicks treat is college students from all over the world explaining how they distinguish Americans from others.  Main thing I learned, which I already knew, we're FAT...and LOUD.