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Fantasy Focus: Do you know what Nemethis means?

Are you Hungary?

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I'm back with you after a week in Hawaii, and the timing is right since there are a lot of teams with two-game weeks coming up. (~^-^)~umad?~(^-^~) led this round with 93 points. Benny Feilhaber (SKC, $9.9) was captain and scored 40 points on 2 goals and 2 assists. Both Kei Kamara (CLB, $9.0) and Jamison Olave (RSL, $8.2) scored 12 points, with Kamara scoring twice, and Olave earning a clean sheet and tallying an assist. Poor Man's Porales is still the overall leader.

Positional Leaders


Tim Melia (SKC, $4.7) earned a clean sheet in two games for 10 points and the positional lead. Clint Irwin (COL, $5.2) earned 9 points with a clean sheet. Four players tied for third at 8 points, each of whom earned a clean sheet -- Brian Sylvestre (PHI, $4.6), Nick Rimando (RSL, $6.3), Stefan Frei (SEA, $5.8), and Chris Konopka (TOR, $5.3). D.C.'s Bill Hamid ($6.4) scored 3 points.


Three defenders tied for the positional lead with 12 points -- Fabinho (PHI, $6.3), Jamison Olave, and Matt Besler (SKC, $9.2). Fabinho had an assist and a clean sheet, and Besler had a clean sheet over two matches. For United, Taylor Kemp ($7.6) led with 5 points, followed by Kofi Opare ($5.2) with 4 points, and the trio of Bobby Boswell ($9.3), Sean Franklin ($8.2), and Chris Korb ($5.6) with 2 points.


Benny Feilhaber's 20 points led all of the midfielders. Ignacio Piatti (MTL, $9.8) scored a goal and added an assist for 12 points, and Scott Caldwell (NE, $7.4) scored a goal and 10 points. Perry Kitchen ($7.6) led the DCU midfield with 5 points, Chris Pontius ($7.0) scored 3, both Davy Arnaud ($6.5) and Chris Rolfe ($8.9) scored 2, and both Michael Farfan ($6.4) and new man Facundo Coria ($7.0) scored 1.


Kansas City's Krisztian Nemeth ($8.3) contributed two goals and an assist over two matches for 21 points and the overall scoring lead. Kei Kamara and Charlie Davies (NE, $9.0) each scored 12 points, Davies with a goal and an assist over two games. For United, Jairo Arrieta ($6.4) scored 6 points, and Conor Doyle ($5.5) scored 2.

Looking Ahead

Six teams play twice this week -- Colorado, DCU, LA, Portland, RSL, and Seattle. Everyone else plays once. There are six more doubles the following week, with DCU being the only team to repeat the feat.  l like Bill Hamid in goal @Portland and vs. Philadelphia. Go with Alvas Powell (POR, $6.9) in defense vs. D.C. and @Colorado. Clint Dempsey (SEA, $11.8) is a must in midfield, at home against Colorado and the Red Bulls. At Forward, try on Alvaro Saborio (RSL, $9.6).

Everyone's Adding: G - Stefan Frei (SEA, $5.8, +287), D - Kofi Opare (+245), M - Clint Dempsey (+512), F - Kei Kamara (+293)

Everyone's Dropping: G - David Ousted (VAN, $5.6, -101), D - Andrew Farrell (NE, $8.1, -144), M - Lloyd Sam (NYR. $9.1, -205), F - Octavio Rivero (VAN, $9.0, -273)